Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Paradise Palms featured in "city best" article for Aol.

40 Years of Booze: 3 Classic Bars in Paradise Palms

For several decades, the well-preserved, Eastside neighborhood of Paradise Palms has hugged Desert Inn Road with some stunning architecture. Clay Heximer, a leading proponent for the neighborhood's preservation artfully sums up its appeal: "Residents here know they are a part of a historic neighborhood, and they do their shopping within a mile or two of their homes. It's their duty to preserve not just the neighborhood, but the surrounding commerce." And that, of course, includes the local bars and according to Clay, these classic taverns have kept its residents in proper spirits for more than 40 years.

Champagne's Cafe: You cannot go wrong with this place. Flocked red velvet wallpaper? Garish lightbulbs? Thick cigarette smoke that's more dense than a dry ice machine? Discover $2 drafts, sultry leather couches, a crankin' jukebox that plays your favorite stuff from the past 50 years, plus holiday lights spotting the interior 365 days a year.
3557 S. Maryland Pkwy.; 702-737-1699

Davey's Locker: The bartenders here were not trained by Dale DeGroff, but any bar that has a giant blue neon fish in the parking lot to welcome you was never striving for pretension in the first place. In addition to cheap beer and shot specials for under $3, Davey's boasts the most colorful set of barflies this side of a Steinbeck novel.
1149 E. Desert Inn Rd.; 702-735-0001

Coachman's Inn: Another fine late-'60s leftover. A reputed favorite of the late mobster Tony Spilatro, Coachman's Inn's staying power lies in its quiet, cozy confines that will cater to a late-night nightcap very well. Chatty servers, a menu of enticing appetizers (who's not down for oysters or lobster bisque?), casual lighting and ample seafaring decor offer a swell retro feel for all.
3240 Eastern Ave.; 702-731-4202