Tropical Estates at Paradise Palms

Tropical Estates at Paradise Palms were built by Vallee Development, owned by builders Lee and "Val" Valente. Tropical Estates was built in two sections in Paradise Palms, both towards the western side of the community, and features long, low modern ranch-style architecture. These homes were defined by their private front courtyards, luxurious master baths with sunken roman tubs, and interior garden planters. Lee and Val were also the original owners/developers of the famed 'Casino' house on Cochise Way, which features a swimming pool in the shape of a 'V'.

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  1. There are some super beautiful homes in this area! Mid century homes rule! We're About to close on a mid century house in Parkdale off of Lamb&Boulder HWY!
    By any chance does anybody know who was the builder in that subdivision? The house was built in 1963.