Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Historic ‘Hoods Bowling Challenge: Paradise Palms vs. McNeil Estates

September 27th marked the second of three Historic ‘Hoods Bowling Challenges issued by Paradise Palms.  This time our opponents were McNeil Estates, our mid-century neighbors to the west near Charleston Boulevard and Rancho Drive.  Many of the regular Palmers were out of town, injured or otherwise unavailable; however, we had a dozen faithful bowlers and quite a few cheerleaders.  It was great to meet the McNeil folks, make some new friends and bond over beer pitchers.  Despite a somewhat mellow tone to the evening, lots of gutter balls and about as many strikes, the Palmers persevered to narrowly defeat McNeil Estates and claim victory.  Final score:  McNeil 103.5, Paradise Palms 105.1.  Congrats to the Palmers!

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