Saturday, April 12, 2014

Third Annual North vs. South Paradise Palms Bowling Challenge

Friday, April 11th 2014 marked the Third Annual North vs. South Bowling Challenge for Paradise Palms. In our annual friendly competition, Palmers who live north of Desert Inn Road battle it out on the lanes of Sam's Town Bowling Center against Palmers who live south of Desert Inn Road for bragging rights to the coveted title of champion.  Once again the snacks were plentiful, cocktails flowed and awful music videos provided the backdrop of our challenge.  High score of the night goes out to Derek Decker, with an amazing 244, and second and third highest scores go out newest Palmers Dan and Sydney with a 213 and 179, respectively.  This year everyone has stepped up their game and these are the highest averages we've seen yet - a mere 7/10s of a point separates the winners and losers - final score 123.2 Southside, 123.9 Northside.  For the Third straight year, NORTHSIDE WINS!  Congrats to team Northside!

Team Northside


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