Saturday, September 13, 2014

Final 2014 Historic ‘Hoods Bowling Challenge: Paradise Palms vs. The Flamingo Club – Grudge Match!

The final Historic ‘Hoods bowling challenge went out one last time in a grudge match against our friends from The Flamingo Club.  This is the second time Paradise Palms bowled against the Flamingo Club, with the Palmers taking the victory 125.5 to 92.29 last June.  Once again we had a great showing from both sides and lots of supporters to make sure food and drink were plentiful.   

When the Palmers and the Flamingos got down to the lanes, the high score of the night for Paradise Palms belongs to Derek D., who scored a 141, then followed it up with a 139 for the second highest score – Clay was the second (or third) highest scorer for the Palmers with a 131.  For The Flamingo Club, William was the high scorer with a 129, followed by Jason with a 120.  By the end of the evening, The Flamingo Club scored a final 91, while Paradise Palms scored a winning 110.4. Way to finish out the season Palmers, 3-1.  Thank you Flamingo Club for a great evening – we’ll see you again next summer for the Historic ‘Hoods Bowling Challenge 2015!

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