Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Original Paradise Palms sales brochure. Model #2.

Original Paradise Palms Palmer & Krisel Model 2 plan & rendering. All model 2s are located on the north side of Paradise Palms, north of Desert Inn, with the exception of the original model on Dakota Way.

Original Paradise Palms sales brochure. Model #1.

You gotta love some of the features that come with the homes.
Built-in t.v. outlet, built-in spice rack, built-in electric can opener.

I've been told that every home in Paradise Palms came with at least one palm tree. "palm tree" is listed here as one the the features, so maybe that rumor is true.

Original Paradise Palms sales brochures.

I'm going to start with the brochure that most people have already seen. Jack at came across some of these last year and posted them on his blog much to my delight.

Front cover.

Back cover.