Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Historic Neighborhood Overlay Recognition Established for all of Paradise Palms


On Wednesday, April 20, 2022 the Clark County Commission unanimously voted to establish 747 homes within Paradise Palms as part of the Historic Neighborhood Overlay, joining the initial 216 homes which were established as historic in 2017. With this action, Paradise Palms has become the largest Historic Neighborhood Overlay in Southern Nevada. Taking advantage of the County’s Historic Neighborhood Overlay Ordinance which was adopted in November 2011, the Paradise Palms Historic Neighborhood Overlay District was adopted as a zone-change and now affects 963 homes on 241.4 acres within the community.

Speakers line up to express their opinion regarding the Historic Neighborhood Overlay

Dozens of neighbors attended the hearing to speak on the item, with both sides of support and opposition heard before the Board of County Commissioners. The Board listened to and heard all opinions on the matter, as community members gave their input on what the Historic Overlay meant to them.

Commissioner Segerblom speaks on Paradise Palms

After nearly an hour of comment, the Board closed the matter and turned the hearing over to Commissioner Segerblom, who praised the history and efforts of the community allowing the board to finally hear this matter. Commissioner Segerblom thanked all the speakers for coming out, and had the honor making a motion for approval. With a unanimous vote, the motion passed to a room filled with applause. 

Unanimous approval from the Board of County Commissioners

In 2017, a portion Paradise Palms became the first Historic Neighborhood Overlay within unincorporated Clark County, and five years later the neighborhood still holds that distinction, along with now becoming the largest in southern Nevada. Community grassroots efforts have been ongoing since 2015, and with the help of countless volunteers, supporters, and the efforts made by the Nevada Preservation Foundation, seven years of hard work has finally paid off.

Palmers celebrate the adoption of the Historic Neighborhood Overlay

Paradise Palms expresses its sincerest thank you to our neighbors, supporters, Commissioner Segerblom and his staff, and County Planning staff for all their hard work on the matter.