Saturday, May 31, 2014

Historic ‘Hoods Bowling Challenge 2014: Paradise Palms vs. Huntridge

Huntridge vs. Paradise Palms - bring it on!
Our first summertime bowling challenge of the year was issued to our downtown neighbors to the north, Huntridge.  This was our second challenge to Huntridge who gave us a great showing this year.  As the cocktails flowed out from the bar for the Palmers, pizzas, nachos and pastries flowed out from the snack bar for the Huntridgians.  Set against some really terrible music videos in the basement of Sams Town the Palmers and Huntridgians bonded, bowled and battled it out. 

The high score of the night for the Palmers belongs to Dan C., who scored a 183, while the second highest score of the night goes to Clay with a 158 (with a turkey).  For Huntridge, the high scorer was Steve, with a 178 and 177 – second (or third) highest scorer for Huntridge was Shawn with a 141.  In the end Huntridge scored a final 102.14, while Paradise Palms scored a winning 122.44. Paradise Palms wants to extend our thanks to Huntridge for a fun evening, new friendships and a great time - we look forward to seeing Huntridge on the lanes again next summer!

Paradise Palms Cheer Section
Clay's Turkey - Way to go Clay!