Monday, November 29, 2010

Public hearing on 12/01/10 regarding Francisco Center.

Just received this from a Paradise palms resident:

Clark County Code Enforcement was called out to investigate the illegal electronic readerboard that was place on top of the Coachman’s Inn pole sign. While investigating the illegal readerboard, Code Enforcement discovered that three of the existing freestanding signs along Eastern Avenue (Speedee Mart, Coachman’s Inn and the doctor’s office at 3200 South Eastern) were placed on the site without permits. I’ve attached the staff report PDF from Clark County Planning for you to share with Paradise Palms, which explains things in more detail. While these signs are existing, they do not meet current Clark County Code Requirements and necessitate waivers to allow them to remain in place, hence the public hearing. Because the existing signs do not meet code as written, we have the opportunity to request a few concessions be made, such as us agreeing to permit the existing signs to remain with the following conditions:
· Request that the three existing signs be enhanced to be architecturally compatible with each other and to architecturally reflect the mid-century aesthetic of the surrounding neighborhood;
· Request that the non-permitted readerboard be removed/reduce the brightness by 25%/limit the operating hours of the message unit
· Request that the impact of these signs be mitigated through the addition of additional drought tolerant cacti/agave/shrubs to be placed within the existing barren landscape planters fronting Eastern Avenue.
We can ask Francisco Center for a few easy to implement conditions that relate to the signs. We can’t ask for new paint on the buildings or a redesigned parking lot, but anything that mitigates the presence of the three non-permitted signs, such as landscape, pole paint color, sign cabinet design, etc are fair game. As a community, we have the choice to do nothing, which will most likely result in the three existing signs remaining in as-is condition, or point out to the Town Advisory Board that the three existing signs do absolutely nothing to enhance our quality of life or create an aesthetically pleasing community, and request that conditions, such as the three listed above, be placed upon the subject commercial subdivision (Francisco Center). Please send an e-mail to the Clark County Planner handling this case, Paul Doerr that includes your Name, address, case number WS-0529-10 and a statement that clearly requests what you as a Paradise Palms homeowner would like to see result from the public hearing to: All requests are public record and are tracked; therefore the more folks who take the time to let their opinions be heard will increase the chances that whatever we request becomes implemented successfully. For those that have time, please take the time to attend the public hearing 12/01/10 at the Winchester Communtiy Center at 6:00 PM (

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