Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paradise Palms Social Club will be hosted Saturday, June 4th at the home of Chad and Teri, from 7-10. Bring your favorite beverage.

We are still looking for someone to host in July. Aja and Joel will host in August. David and Jeff will host in September. Becky, as well as Danny & Kevin will host in October. Two homes, one big party. Steve and Tami are hosting in December.
Paradise Palms Social Club hosts a “get to know your neighbors” cocktail party on the first Saturday of the month. Each month the party is at a different home. If you would like to host let us know what month you'd like to do it.

We will have a donation jar at the Paradise Palm Social Club meetings. Funds collected from the last social club went towards a "Paradise Palms Social Club" sign and a Paradise Palms screen print so we can make shirts.  Eventually, We'd like to buy a gas powered paint gun so graffiti clean up will be easy. We will be very open about how much money is made and where it is spent. Suggestions on how the funds should be utilized are encouraged. 

If you're not aware, Teri is the grand daughter of Foster Brooks. The upcoming social club will be held at the house he used to live in. Here is a video of him on the Dean Martin roast.
See you Saturday.


  1. how are we supposed to find the place? address?

  2. We send out an email to everyone who lives in the neighborhood with the address. If you live in the neighborhood send us your name and e mail and we'll put you on the list. We also post the address on facebook. If you have a facebook account find us on there and let us know you who you are so you can be added to our private group.