Sunday, September 28, 2014

Paradise Palms Neighborhood Clean Up - September 2014

Palmers gather together and receive direction for the morning's clean up

On Saturday September 27th, Paradise Palmers gathered together for a community-wide clean up in the southern portion of our neighborhood. Neighbors from all corners of the community gathered together to clean up vacant lots, remove debris, sweep sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and lended a hand to other neighbors who needed to dispose of large or bulky items.

Palmers hard at work on Pueblo Way

Nearly 50 Palmers volunteered their Saturday to make this event possible. Some took time off of work, others took it easy Friday night, and the event organizers - Chris and Kim - even rented a truck to transport debris to the community dumpsters. Clark County gave us 6 dumpsters, gloves and trash bags while the Palmers provided everything else - vehicles, time, labor, equipment and dedication.  Every dumpster was left overflowing - good job!

Packed to the brim - sorry Republic Services!

Topping off the afternoon was a community potluck barbecue at Orr Park. Again the giving nature of the Palmers came through, with everyone bringing in food and drink and all supplies imaginable  - even a barbecue - potluck style. We had a great time in the park, with just over 30 Palmers drifting in an out during the two hours we spent resting, relaxing and catching up.  Thank you the organizers of this event, Chris and Kim, as well all the dedicated neighbors who care about this community donating their resources to make this a very, very successful event.

Palmers head off to work

Within two hours the Spencer Street dumpster was overflowing

Palmers pitch in to make easy work of removing yard debris

One thing about our community - we have no shortage of palm fronds

Vacant lot on Mohigan gets some much-needed attention

Pueblo Way gets cleaned

Geronimo Way got some attention

Somehow that pine tree has stayed alive and keeps shedding...
Setting up the after clean-up picnic

Neighbors catch up

We found these two hoodlums causing some trouble
Grilling and snacking begins!

Organizers Chris and Kim made this day possible, THANK YOU!

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