Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Paradise Palms / DOCO MOMO 2014 Tour Day: The (Former) Celebrity Homes of Paradise Palms

Our 2014 Paradise Palms/DOCO MOMO Tour Day consisted of an open air narrated bus tour of the former celebrity homes of Paradise Palms on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Celebrity residents included Johnny Carson, Phyllis Diller, Juliet Prowse, Foster Brooks and many, many more actors, comedians, Strip headliners, politicians, casino executives and members of organized crime.  The history of over 50 homes was discussed - and that wasn't even every home.

We wish to thank our guests, event volunteers and organizers, our homeowners who graciously opened their doors for the tour, the Las Vegas National Golf Course along with the Rat Pack Bar and Grill, and finally the great folks at the Double Decker Bus Company of Las Vegas for making our 2014 Tour Day such a success. We couldn't have pulled it off without you all, thank you.

The original 1963 palm tree stands tall at the former home of entertainer David Swan
One of the more unique former celebrity homes - the former home of Kenny Kerr (and currently the Las Vegas Showgirl Museum
Heeeere's Johnny - The former Carson home has suffered from a recent fire

Well-kept original Unit 1 Palmer & Krisel home

Well-kept original Unit 1 Palmer & Krisel home

The grand former home of producer Frederic Apcar

Not only was this home once one of the original sales model (hidden under a 1970
s redo, but it was also owned by Phylis Diller
Entertainment duo Peter Lynd Hayes and Mary Healey bought this home new in 1964 and lived here for nearly three decades

Tour stop of a home once owned by Dionne Warwick and later Foster Brooks

Home owned by Max Baer, Jr.

Great shot of a Palmer & Krisel home & specimen Joshua Tree

We all know this home - Triple shot - Home Builders Val and Lee Valentine built this home, then sold to Caesar's Executive Ash Resnik, and of course, the home of Sam 'Ace' and Ginger Rothstein (Robert DeNero, Sharon Stone) in Casino 

The 18th Fairway at Las Vegas National

Former home of comedian Shecky Greene, later home of Robert Mayheu's daughter

The former home of Las Vegas news personality and comedian Red McIlvaine

This home once belonged to Jay Sarno and later Robert Bigelow

The former home of Stanley Morgan of the Ink Spots

Sonny Liston and later Debbie Reynolds once owned this home

Favorite extravagant custom on the 9th tee at Las Vegas National

One of a kind one-owner custom on the 9th fairway

What a great group - see you next year


  1. I'm really bummed I was out of town for this :(

  2. They should have had a pre-event email reminder

    1. There were both e-mail and facebook reminders sent out, sorry you missed them!