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Influential people who lived in Paradise Palms

Here is a brief and unfinished list of influential people who lived in Paradise Palms. All these names can be confirmed through the assessors website, newspapers or literary publications.

  • 1398 Cayuga Parkway - Arthur Liebert (co-owner of the Rainbow Club Casino in Henderson)
  • 1438 Cayuga Parkway - Bobby Darin
  • 1467 Cayuga Parkway - Frank Jospeph Lisbona (Singer, Pianist, Showroom Performer, Actor "Wild on the Beach", "The Day of the Wolves"), Vice Presient of Golden Nugget and Bally's); Harry James (big band leader) and Joy James (showgirl)
  • 1499 Cayuga Parkway - Fredric Apcar (Dunes show producer)
  • 1515 Cayuga Parkway - Phyllis Diller; Bobbie Gentry, singer ("Ode to Billy Joe")
  • 1517 Cayuga Parkway - Phil Ford (Comedian, "Ford & Hines," stage and strip performer)

  • 3397 Chickasaw Way - Fiore "Jimmy" Casella (1970s World Series of Poker champion), Nancy Niles (Author, "Vendetta")

  • 1425 Aztec Way - JK Houssels, Jr.  (President of the Tropicana and Union Plaza, Showboat Chairman and CEO)
  • 1428 Aztec Way - Bernice 'Bea' Heath (Family friend of fellow Paradise Palmer Sonny Liston, Liston visited Mrs. heath after dropping his wife off at the airport 12/26/71 and was the last known friend to have contact with Liston). Bea and husband Harry were also the first sales managers for Paradise Palms.
  • 1493 Aztec Way - Bill Deangelis (first entertainment director of MGM); Jerry Schafer, (producer) with Marianne Marks (actress)
  • 1526 Aztec Way - Roy Jarvis (Baseball Player, Brooklyn Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • 1549 Aztec Way - Tony Sandler  (Singer, "Sandler & Young," Producer and Actor)
  • 1574 Aztec Way - Len Hornsby (former director of the LVCVA)
  • 1611 Aztec Way - Aija Kim (singer, Kim Sisters)

  • 1388 Pawnee Drive - Donald Cherry (singer "Mona Lisa," "Thinking of You")
  • 1389 Pawnee Drive -  Judy Lynn (Country music singer and Miss Idaho 1955)
  • 1408 Pawnee Drive - Dean Koontz (Writer)
  • 1429 Pawnee Drive - Gil Dova (Comedian Juggler)
  • 1620 Pawnee Drive - George Rock (Trumpeter, Spike Jones & His City Slickers)
  • 3328 Pawnee Drive - Rip Taylor; Sam "Baby Shoes" Prezant (bookmaker associated with the mob). Read more about Rip Taylor here.

  • 1676 Pawnee Circle - Jerry Gordon (vice president Flamingo) 
  • 1688 Pawnee Circle - Bruno Scarrone (choreographer for Folies Bergere)

  • 3355 Nahatan Way - Dick Cantino (musician/actor); Vido Musso (musician)
  • 3398 Natahan Way - Mike Corda (songwriter/ bandleader)

  • 3379 Dakota Way - Herb Kaufman (owner of Wonder World, financier of the Silver Slipper, and "Boylesque" producer)

  • 3507 Seneca Lane - Tony Costa (Composer, "I'll find a Rainbow"; Conductor at MGM Grand & Ballys and first conductor of the Las Vegas Philharmonic)

  • 3441 Sioux Way - Myrna Williams (Clark County Commissioner, sister of Mel Torme); David Williams (band leader, Casino host)
  • 3451 Sioux Way - Pierre Bezard (Dunes music director)

  • 3428 Spencer Street - George 'Ted' Marshall, Clark County district attorney, 1962-66
  • 3558 Spencer Street - Buddy Sarkissian (Drummer/musician in  Armenian cabaret music)
  • 3572 Spencer Street - Frank Rosenthal (the movie CASINO was based on this person)

  • 3333 Seminole Circle - Johnny Carson; Joe Louis (world heavyweight boxing champion from 1937 to 1949)

  • 1761 Ottawa Drive - Stanley Morgan (the Ink Spots)
  • 2058 Ottawa Drive Debbie Reynolds; Sonny Liston (world heavyweight boxing champion)
  • 2082 Ottawa Drive - Frank Masterana (black book gambler)
  • 2126 Ottawa Drive - Walter Geary (Vice President & General Manager of Southern Nevada Telephone Company)
  • 2144 Ottawa Drive - Harris Sharp (architect, Zick & Sharp) 

  • 3614 Ottawa Circle - Walter Zick (architect, Zick & Sharp)
  • 3628 Ottawa Circle - Dolores Fuller (actress/song writer for Elvis)

  • 1389 Commanche Drive -  Dolores Fuller (actress/song writer for Elvis) (Yes, she owned 2 homes)

  • 1726 Commanche Circle - John Sexton (District Judge of Lander County)

  • 3454 Pueblo Way - Leland Newcomer (superintendent, Clark County School District)
  • 3456 Pueblo Way - Max Baer Jr. (actor - Jethro Bodine)
  • 3459 Pueblo Way - Frank Gagliardi (musician, big band composer, percussionist at the Sands, director of the UNLV Jazz ensemble)
  • 3482 Pueblo Way - Foster Brooks (actor & comedian) and Dionne Warwick (who lived there briefly, but used to rent it to the Riviera for their headlining acts such as Engelbert Humperdink, Bob Newheart, and Burt Bacharach) 
  • 3511 Pueblo Way - Imogene Ford (politician, Nevada Assembly and Senate, helped to create the Clark County Library District)
  • 3538 Pueblo Way - Peter Lynd Hayes & Mary Healey (entertainers - vaudeville, actors "The Peter Lynd Hayes Show," "Peter Loves Mary," "Zis Boom Bah," "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T."). Read more about Hayes and Healy here
  • 3551 and 3557 Pueblo Way - Alex Shoofey (Vice-president Sahara; Flamingo President, International Hotel President who brought in Elvis as a Las Vegas headliner)

  • 2114 Pueblo Circle - Robert Timm (pilot, holds the world record for longest flight at 64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes and 5 seconds in the "Hacienda" plane that hangs over the baggage claim area at McCarran)

  • 2144 Tona Circle - Sonny King (Jimmy Durante sidekick, introduced Dean Martin to Jerry Lewis, lounge performer at the Sands and Sahara, actor "Sergeants 3" and "Robin and the Seven Hoods")
  • 2208 Tona Circle - E. Parry Thomas (President, Bank of Las Vegas, philanthropist and  partner in Thomas & Mack)

  • 3638 Tioga Way - Gil Gilbert & Tulara Lee (comedians, "The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady")
  • 3650 Tioga Way - Breck Wall (Entertainer, Bottoms Up, The Hollywood Palace)
  • 3672 Tioga Way - Roger Ray (comic xylophonist) 

  • 2121 Geronimo Way - Sante Kimes (professional grifter, convicted murderer)
  • 2201 Geronimo Way - Shecky Greene (Comedian, "History of the World Part 1," "Splash")
  • 3441 South Eastern Avenue - Max Baer Jr (Actor) (home demolished c. 2000)
  • 3613 South Eastern Avenue - Frances Fay (Singer, performer at The Thunderbird)
  • 2280 Mohigan Way - Melvin Shapire (propietor, Al Phillips) 
  • 2300 Mohigan Way - Frank Schivo (Sahara part owner)
  • 2367 Mohigan Way - Stanley Mallin (Jay Sarno's partner, co-creator of Caesars Palace, Circus Circus, Cabana Hotels)
  • 3829 Delaware Lane - Oscar & Deanne Alterwitz (proprietors of Walker Furniture)
  • 3838 Delaware Lane - Melvin Close Jr (politician, Nevada Assembly 1964-1970; Nevada Senate 1970-1982)
  • 3890 Delaware Lane - John Tobin (First appointee of the Nevada State Board of Hearing Aid Specalists)
  • 3858 Pima Lane. - Red Mcilvaine (radio host, talk show host, comedian, local t.v. guy and bit performer "The Electric Horseman," "Oh God You Devil," "The Pleasure Palace"); Liz Renay (entertainer known for her ties to actors and celebrity flings, burlesque performer, author "My First 2,000 Men" and appeared in John Waters' "Desperate Living")
  • 3853 Pima Lane - Donald Sutherland (actor) 

  • 3862 Omaha Circle - Nancy Austin (comedian, actor "Bottoms Up," clothing designer) and David London (comedian, Nancy's manager, husband and producer). Read more about Austin & London here.

  • 3525 Cochise Lane -  Robert Maheu (F.B.I., C.I.A., and right hand man to Howard Hughes)  
  •  3515 Cochise Lane - The film Casino was filmed at this location. Ash Resnick (Caesars vise president with ties to the mob), Val and Lee Valentine, Paradise Palms Tropical Estates developers who built this home based on models they built near the Boulevard Mall)
  • 3534 Cochise Lane - Jimmy Newman (Las Vegas Hilton Vice President, pioneered the ultra luxury "Sky Villa" concept)

  • 3237 Seneca Drive - Vince Cardell - (Liberace's protegee) 
  • 3398 Seneca Drive - Frank Pellegrino (actor)
  • 3378 Seneca Drive - Tonni Kalash (Trumpet for Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass) and Cal Kalash (violinist)
  • 3419 Seneca Drive - Babette DeCastro (Salon) - Member of the DeCastro sisters. The latin-flavored sister trio were protege's of Carmen Miranda, 1954 #2 song "Team Me Tonight"

  • 3333 Arapaho Circle - David Victorson (Caesars entertainment director) 
  • 3325 Arapaho Circle Nick Esposito (musician)
  • 3326 Arapaho Circle - Juliet Prowse (actor, engaged to Frank Sinatra, dated Elvis Presley) 

  • 1948 Raindance Way - David Swan (comedian/actor)

  • 1535 Golden Arrow Drive - Wolf & Muriel Adler (Wolf was a renowned musician and artist; Muriel was a concert pianist)
  • 1589 Golden Arrow Drive Elizabeth Knight (mother of Gladys Knight)
  • 1933 Golden Arrow Drive - Helen Scudier-Stout (restaurateur, founded The Egg & I)

  • 1607 Sombrero Drive - Beverly & Robert Griffin (gaming investigators "Griffin Investigation," publishers of monthly "Griffin Book" denoting casino cheats)
  • 1608 Sombrero Drive - Phil Foster (comedian, actor, played Laverne's dad "Frank DeFazio" on Laverne on Shirley)
  • 1626 Sombrero Drive - Louis Mack (first bail bondsman in Las Vegas, business owner "Lou's Liquor" "Boulder Liquor" "Esquire Bar" and "Las Vegas Bootery")
  • 1662 Sombrero Drive - Bob Rozario (Bobby Darin's musical director)
  • 1734 Sombrero  Drive - Buddy Rich (Drummer) Read more about Buddy Rich in here.
  • 2265 Sombrero Drive - Joe A. Mayer (Stardust musician, "The Novelities" and member of the Royal Dixie Jazz Band")
  • 2305 Sombrero - Cherry Wainer (South African musician, organist "Lord Rockingham's IX")

  • 3236 Brazos Street - Russ Morgan (Bandleader, composed 'You're Nobody till Someone Loves You')

  • 3516 Maricopa Way - Stuart Mason (second-generation owner of Taylor International, general contractor/builder of The International, MGM/Bally's, the current MGM, Venetian and Palazzo) 
  • 3541 Maricopa Way - Jay Sarno (Circus Circus / Caesars Palace) and Robert Bigelow (Bigelow Aereospace, Budget Suites)

  • 1618 Seneca Lane - Michael Schivo (concert promoter)

  • 3661 Seneca Circle - Juan Garcia Esquivel (Space age band leader)

  • 3555 Algonquin Drive  - State Senator John "Jack" Vergiels
  • 3591 Algonquin Drive - Don Vincent (Wayne Newton's music director)
  • 3575 Algonquin Drive - Gil Gilbert (Aladdin Vice President)

  • 3449 Algonquin Circle - Mitch DeWood - Flamingo Entertainment Director (original home burned in the late 70's and was rebuilt by the DeWoods)

  • 1900 Caballero Way - Arthur Trelease (City of Las Vegas City Manager)

  • 3217 Gaucho Drive - Kenny Kerr (performer, "Boylesque" first drag show on the strip)

  • 3187 Sundown Drive - Mimi Hines (Comedian, Ford & Hines)


  1. Donald Sutherland: 3853 Pima Lane

  2. Ash Resnick and family at 3515 Cochise lane (Casino movie house)
    Frank Schivo and family 3523 Cochise lane, Sahara Hotel part owner, became Robert Mahues home ( Howard Hughes right hand man.)
    Jimmy Newman across the cult de sac Vice Pres Hilton under Baron Hilton.
    Shapiro Family,Cochise, founder Al Phillips the Cleaner.
    Von Tobel family Cochise Lane.
    And many, many more....

    Gary Schivo 1963-1969

  3. Juliet Prowse owned the home at 3326 Arapaho Circle

  4. It’s wonderful to see all this. One thing though. The great Heavyweight Champ Joe Louis also lived right next door to us at 3332 Arapaho Circle, 89109 and deserves recognition, Juliet Prowse was on the other side of us. It was a heck of a time in that Cul-de-sac when I was a kid.

    Gary Victorson
    Dave’s youngest son

    1. Gary its Jo-Jo. Please give me a call or send me an email. I sent you a text but didn't hear back and left you a voicemail. I will be in Vegas tomorrow night.


  5. Gary, there isn't a 3332 Arapaho Circle. I looked at all the homes on Arapaho and none list Joe Lewis as an owner. I assume he must have been renting. Can you confirm which house was he lived in? I've heard from many people that he lived here, just haven't been able to figure out where.

  6. Schivo, you and your family are being added to the list. For some reason the address of your old home has been changed to 3525 so it took a little time figuring out where you actually lived. Thanks again.
    Do you have any interesting photos from the neighborhood?

  7. Sorry, but, Shapiro Family? They should hang their heads in shame (and start writing some big checks)! You do realize the damage caused by the negligence of Al Phillips to this neighborhood? Considering the atrocity and magnitude of what they have done, I would find it in poor taste to add them to this list of fine people.

    1. History is history. You can't erase or ignore it. Would you leave Auschwitz off the map? No. Remember it but make sure it never happens again.

  8. Joe Louis lived at 3333 Seminole. His son was a friend of mine when I was in high school. I remember going there in the eighties. They had his heavyweight belt and gloves on display in the living room.

    1. Hi; its Jo-Jo. Reach out to me if you'd like to get together when I am in Vegas next week.

      Jo-Jo Louis


    3. Both are true; Carson owned 3333 Seminole from new until 1972; Louis owned it 1978-1986.

  9. Thanks for the help, Jeff. I found the wife of Joe Lewis on the assessors page.
    As for the Shapiro Family, there is a reason they haven't and wont be added to the list.

    1. The Shapiro's were a wonderful family and contributed so much to Las Vegas. I know the economy in Vegas is bad but it's sad to see people trying to sue just to make money. It's these frivilous lawsuits that are destroying this country. Shame on the homeowners..

    2. Frivolous lawsuit? You're an absolute idiot...

  10. 3328 Pawnee Drive: Sam "Baby Shoes" Prezant, a bookmaker associated with the mob in Las Vegas


    1. Sam was my step-father. My mother, Yvonne, and he bought the white with green trim one story new. I went out into the desert and got lava rocks, cactus, and Joshua trees, and made diamond shaped landscaping. It's still in place! Guido "Bobby Blue Eyes" Deiro

  11. 3800 Spencer Street: designed/owned by the inventor of Velcro.

  12. Dana Resnick GentryMarch 8, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    To the person looking for Joe Louis... it's Louis, not Lewis.

    1. Dana, I believe your dad, Irving Ash Resnick is my father, aswell.. Please contact me, (702) 518-0935. Thank you, David.

    2. I just bought a Leroy Nieman serigraph "rumble in the jungle" signed by Ali. It was owned by Ash in 1974. Do you remember seeing it hung in his house?

  13. State Senator John "Jack" Vergiels lived at 3555 Algonquin Dr until 1993.

    Wayne Newton's music director Don Vincent lived at 3591 Algonquin Dr until 2000.

  14. Vic Vickrey a vetran gaming exec with his wife Beverly with family lived at 3628 Ottawa Cir.

  15. Went to school with Bill Prezant. Always thought his family was stiff white collar republicans!, who knew,,,,

  16. Hi, my name is Joe Louis Barrow, II. Joe Louis' son. Actually, I'm Jeff's friend. We lived at both Arapaho and Seminole Circle's.

    1. There are three "original" owners still in the Arapaho Cr. cul du sac! We are in your old house for the past 10 years. We call it our "Oasses In The desert".

  17. does anyone know where Don Vincent lives now?

  18. So much local history! I was recently at a birdthday party for a friend in the Paradise Palms neighborhood. I believe the host stated that Dean Martin was a prior owner of the home. In fact, he shared a great picture of Dean Martin over the pool table with several other notables. I know the area well because I went to school at nearby Ruby S. Thomas and Orr circa 1977-1980. Does anyone know if Dean Martin was in fact an owner there - and if so, likely should be added to the above list?

    1. Don Cherry (singer and pro-golfer) and his wife, Joy( a former Copa Girl and Miss Nevada) and daughter, Jennifer, lived at 1388 Pawnee Drive. Also, Harry James and his wife, Joan, lived on Cayuga Parkway. I don't remember the house number. Dean Martin was our best man when we married, and I don't recall that he owned a home there, but did have a lot of friends in the area, including Johnny Carson who did own a home there.

  19. There was recently a house marketed on Spencer, can't remember the number, that claimed to be the former home of Buddy Hackett..?? Anyone?

    Tim Doolittle
    1607 Pawnee Dr.
    April 2013-

  20. There was recently a house on Spencer marketed as Buddy Hackett's old house..?? Anyone?

    Tim Doolittle
    1607 Pawnee Dr
    April 2013-

  21. Fred Benninger – 3596 Tioga Way.

    Benninger served as president, chairman and chief operations officer for Kirk Kerkorian's various MGM operations in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas (International Leisure Co., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, MGM Grand Hotel, Tracinda Corp., MGM Grand Inc., MGM/UA Entertainment Co. and MGM Mirage).

    Benninger oversaw construction of the International Hotel (subsequently, the Las Vegas Hilton and now the LVH), the renovation of the Flamingo, the construction of the original MGM Grand Hotel (now Bally's), and the current MGM Grand Hotel.


    LV Sun:

    LA Times:

    NY Times:

    UNLV Gaming Hall of Fame:

  22. Please to meet you all. I'm based in Sydney, Australia, and have been updating an old blog on tracking down the Casino house. Wanted to add in some info on Paradise Palms and, while browsing your list of famous residents, found Frederic Apcar, producer of the Casino de Paris show at the Dunes. I have a special interest in Mr Apcar as I own his 1963 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. BTW - it's Frederic, not Fredric. Cheers, mates.

  23. I am in the process of purchasing the home at 3672 Tioga Way. Fingers crossed, we will close escrow by 1/9/15.

    This is the former home of Raymond and Clare Martinez. Mr. Martinez went by the stage name of "Roger Ray" and was a wonderful comedian and xylophonist. There's a great video of him performing on YouTube. Just search "Roger Ray xylophone".

    Mr. and Mrs. Martinez were the original owners of this home, built in 1969. They lived there until their deaths; his in 2000 and hers in 2009.

    We are very excited about moving into this great neighborhood and love that there is such a wonderful vibrancy and dedication to preserving the history. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon.

    1. Thanks for the info! Keep us posted, be sure to send us an email when you close so we can send you our event invites.

    2. Will do. And actually, I have a correction to my earlier post about Roger Ray. His birth name was actually Robert Martinez, not Raymond as I posted.

  24. Famous best selling novelist Dean R Koontz and his wife lived in 1408 Pawnee in the mid-70s.

  25. Does anyone know if Gladys Knight lived in this neighborhood?

    1. Hi, we know for sure her mother was the owner of 1589 Golden Arrow Drive from 1980 until 1994. There has been some rumor that the home was in her mother's name for tax/legal reasons, but we haven't been able to confirm if she lived there for certain or not.

  26. Can anyone tell me who originally owned 2013 Ottawa Drive. Only house on the block designed all brick.

  27. If 3572 Spencer was Lefty's house then why do they claim his address was 972 Vegas Valley? Anybody know what his real address was? Proof? Thanks

  28. 3650 Tioga Way Comedian and Producer Breck Wall owned 1974-2009

  29. 3671 Tioga Fred Glusman owner of Piero's Restaurant

  30. 2367 Mohigan Way Stanley Mallin built Caesars and Circus Circus with Jay Sarno

  31. 2300 Mohigan Frank Schivo Club Bingo/Sahara

  32. 1556 Ottawa Norbert Aleman Show Producer

  33. Lived in PP for 12-years in two different homes.

    Back in the 80's the LV economy was in the dumpster, interest rates were 19% inflation was out of control and houses were not selling. Period.

    PP was long removed from the glory years back then.

    Never thought of PP as "Upscale" and couldn't believe it when a friend would come over and say "Ya know Rip Taylor and Phyllis Diller live in this neighborhood."

    What? Your joking.

    another friend would come over and say "Hey did you know you Debbie Reynolds lives just down the street? My sister does her hair."

    Many of the houses were rentals, so famous and infamous residents are not on public record.

    Some held title in 3rd party names by design.

    One example is 2172 East Viking.

    This was once Tony Spilotro's The Hole in the Wall Gang "Clubhouse" up until the party ended.

    Anyone who has been in the property knows its very unique. At one time the front and side gates were electrified.

    The house was decorated like a French Bordello. The interior design, rugs, wallpaper, light fixtures, furniture was compliments of the Desert Inn. All diverted from a suite that was never built.

    Don't know who was on the title from late 70's to early 80's, but lets just say these type of club members didn't want their names on ANYTHING.

    1575 Seneca Lane was owned by Michael Broadrick owner of the Pegasus Casino and author of the book Vegas, The Mob and the Dead Pig On the Dance Floor.

    Mike knew a lot of people in Vegas in all walks of life. I was lucky to live behind him on 1556 Ottawa Drive.

    The movie Cherry 2000 staring Melanie Griffith was partially filmed in Mike's house. Mike built the coolest Party Pad where the interior walls were rounded and it looked like you were in a cave on Mar's. The original Man Cave!

    The Cherry 2000 movie trailer you can find on a YT search is inside 1575 Seneca Lane.
    (Starting at 14 seconds- 40 seconds is inside the house.)

    Good to see new life being pumped back into PP. You did an amazing job building a brand not just a neighborhood.

  34. Correction, Mike owned the Unicorn Casino NOT the Pegasus.